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There are many areas in your home that the average homeowner may possess basic knowledge of. However, your sewer line is typically not one of those areas. So when a professional suggests a sewer inspection, you may be thinking, “What?” and “Why?”

The professional plumbers at Red Lilly Plumbing are here to explain it all to you.

FAQs About Sewer Inspections

When you’ve been in business as long as we have, you’ve heard just about every question under the sun. These are the most common regarding sewer inspections:

How does a sewer inspection work?

During a video camera inspection, our plumbers take a flexible rod with a high-definition camera at the tip and maneuvers it through the sewer lines. As the device moves through the pipes, the camera sends back video of the sewer lines. This allows our team to inspect the lines for damage or clogs without invasive measures like digging trenches and cutting through pipes.

After we determine the source of the problem, your plumber will create a repair or replacement plan to fit the needs of your home. Armed with the footage from inside the pipes, your team will be able to make an accurate diagnosis of the situation.

Why would I need a sewer inspection?

Small plumbing problems happen every day. However, while some are a one-off coincidence, others can be a series of symptoms of a larger, more serious issue. If you’re experiencing frequent backups, clogs that won’t go away no matter how much you snake the drains or standing water on your lawn, you could be facing a sewer issue.

Some problems a sewer inspection can help identify, include:

  • Tree root invasion
  • Cracks in pipes
  • Pipe corrosion
  • Mistakes in installation
  • And more.

When you need comprehensive sewer inspection and repair services in Los Angeles, call your trusted team at Red Lilly Plumbing!

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