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Have you ever been in your kitchen and not been able to shake a sour, gross, or otherwise unpleasant odor? With these tips, that will be a thing of the past:

Take Advantage of Your Surroundings

A smelly kitchen is no fun to cook, clean, or hang out in. A great first step to clear out a gross odor from your kitchen is to take advantage of the things you already have in your home. Opening a window, cooking with your exhaust or microwave fan, or lighting a candle can help disperse the scent.


A sponge is a staple in most kitchens; it can clean dishes, counters, appliances, and more. With this much action, sponges tend to lock in bacteria, causing them to smell. To help prevent a stinky sponge, leave it in direct sunlight. Sunlight will help dry the sponge and kill the bacteria that is trapped in its pores. Another great way to help extend the life of your kitchen sponge is to toss it in the dishwasher periodically.

The Fridge

Making sure you take time to clean any old food out of your fridge will do wonders for reducing the odor emitting from the appliance. If you still find that you have persisting unpleasant scents in your fridge, putting an open box of baking soda inside can help eliminate the smells.

Boiling Point

Boiling a pot of water is common in a kitchen; you can also use it to help clear odors out of your house. Taking a boiling pot of water and letting it run down your kitchen sink’s pipes can help knock out mild odors. If the odor persists, adding a mixture of salt, baking soda, vinegar, or lemon can help clear it out.

Sweet Tooth

A sweet way to get a stubborn smell out of your kitchen is to place a small amount of vanilla extract on a cotton ball. A little with this trick goes a long way. Place the cotton ball somewhere that needs extra attention overnight. The next day your house will be smelling like a bakery. Caution this trick can lead to a serious craving for homemade cookies, which is another excellent way to rid your kitchen of a smell. Treat yourself!

Clean Your Bin

Sometimes, even after taking out your trash or recycling, the smell of the garbage can linger. A great way to help fight a smelly kitchen is by spraying your empty bins with Lysol, Fabreeze, or other air fresheners.

Preventing More Smells

Now that you have followed our great steps to ridding your kitchen of unwanted odors, a great way to keep your kitchen smelling fresh is to periodically sprinkle baking soda down your drain. This will help neutralize any smells that may be holding on. This also helps in a pinch with milder smells in your drain.

Have a stubborn lingering smell in your kitchen? Schedule a plumbing inspection with Red Lilly Plumbing today. Contact us at (323) 319-4102! We are here to help make sure your plumbing doesn’t stink up your whole house.

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