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Scattered tree roots

What Do I Need to Know About Root Intrusion?

A frightening situation for any homeowner is learning that tree roots invaded their sewer line. While this may sound like a plot from a science fiction film, it’s not — it’s a common occurrence for many homeowners during the summer months.

Before calling the extraterrestrial professionals to handle the situation, here’s what root intrusion entails and how our plumbers can lend a helping hand to save the day.

What is Root Intrusion?

Simply put, when trees are in search of water, their roots will do whatever they can to find it. Unfortunately, the source of H2O they most commonly find is your sewer line. When the roots reach your sewer line, they’ll gradually break through it, gaining the water they seek but causing an array of extensive damage for you to clean up afterward.

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What Else Happens When Roots Intrude a Sewer Line?

In addition to breaking fragments of the line, root intrusion also begins to tamper with the transportation of sewer line materials — such as human waste and other debris. As a result, you’ll begin to notice more clogs and blockages in your home than normal.

How Can a Damaged Sewer Line be Repaired?

Simple: with a trenchless sewer repair. Unlike the traditional method of digging trenches in your yard and disrupting your greenery, this service offers two types of trenchless repairs: pipe relining and pipe bursting — which you can read more about here.

How Can I Lessen the Chance of Root Intrusion?

If you’re looking to help lessen the chance of root intrusion on your property, always make sure you call 811 to ensure that the area you’re planning to plant a tree in is good to go. Unfortunately, many times, homeowners will plant trees unknowingly over high-traffic areas, resulting in root intrusion in the years to come.

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