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Rooter Service in Los Angeles

Safely & Efficiently Eliminate Clogs

Homeowners and business owners understand the financial commitment required for properly maintaining residential and commercial properties. Plumbing and sewage systems account for a significant part of your budget. Red Lilly Plumbing offers Los Angeles rooter services to help contain the cost of property maintenance with quality plumbing and rooter service.

How Rooter Service Works

A rooter is a drain cleaning machine that consists of a long snake with a motorized blade that is designed to cut apart clogs in your plumbing system. As the rooter moves through the pipes, the blades cut through and eliminate anything that is clogging your pipes. This is tried and true technology, originally developed in 1934 that remains one of the effective methods for eliminating clogs.

A rooter can effectively remove clogs caused by:

  • Grease
  • Hair
  • Dirt
  • Debris
  • Tree roots

At Red Lilly Plumbing, we use a combination of conventional and new technologies to solve plumbing problems for our residential and commercial customers. Our Los Angeles plumbing professionals have the skill, training, and equipment to provide efficient rooter service for your home or business.

Hydrojetting—Drain Cleaning with the Power of Water

Got a stubborn, backed-up drain that’s causing you frustration? Stop stressing about getting it fixed and put down the potentially dangerous drain cleaning chemicals! Here at Red Lilly Plumbing, we offer hydrojetting services—a type of drain cleaning solution that’s fast, effective, safe, and obliterates nearly all types of clogs from any drain in your home!

How does hydrojetting work? The process is pretty simple. Think about it as sort of a pressure washer cleaning, much like the one you’d get for your patio or home exterior, only for your drains instead. In this process, your plumber feeds a specialized jetting nozzle into your backed-up drain line. This nozzle is connected to a pressure washer capable of shooting water at pressures of up to 5,000 PSI. This nozzle is then moved through your drain line, allowing several jets of water to blast away obstructions and clean the scale and residue off the walls of your drain.

When the job is finished, your obstruction is completely gone and your drains will move smoothly once again. However, the walls of your plumbing line are also clear and smooth, creating conditions that are extremely difficult for clogs to form in. That means hydrojetting is actually more effective at removing clogs for good than any other type of drain cleaning and clog removal service. And on top of that, it’s also faster, easier, safer, and more affordable than many others as well. Depending on the size of your clog and its location, the process can generally be finished in as little as just a few hours.

Interested in a hydrojetting service? Learn more about it and schedule a video camera inspection for your backed-up drain line by calling Red Lilly Plumbing at (323) 319-4102 today!

Don’t Wait to Deal With Clogs

Many homeowners attempt to handle serious clogs on their own, often at the expense of their plumbing. Chemical drain cleaners are not sufficient for removing difficult clogs and rooter equipment is expensive and requires training to operate. When clogs are not thoroughly removed, the problem can quickly return. In addition, the pipes may be damaged. This can result in the need for more expensive plumbing repairs. We can send a Los Angeles plumber to provide affordable rooter service to eliminate clogs and preserve your plumbing.

Call Red Lilly Plumbing today at (323) 319-4102 to schedule An estimate for expert rooter service at your home or business.

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