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Does My Home Need a Trenchless Sewer Repair?

Picture this: You’ve just finished washing your hands in the bathroom sink and shut the water off. Instead of that soapy H2O seeping through the drain at a quick pace — it lingers in the basin, leaving at a slower-than-normal pace. If this has been a recurring issue in your home, there's a chance that it might be more than just a clog: you may need to schedule a trenchless sewer repair.

While this minimally invasive service hosts many benefits (such as ridding of slow-draining water altogether), you must first see the root of the problem — cue a video camera inspection!

How Does a Video Camera Inspection Work?

Before cutting through pipes and getting to work on a trenchless sewer repair, your plumbing team must first assess what the issue is — that’s where a video camera inspection comes into play!

Using a high-definition camera, a device will snake it through the problematic drain to see whether or not the issue is due to a clog or your sewer line has been broken by some other means (i.e., tree roots). If you have a blockage on your hands, your plumbing technician will be able to remove it. However, if there is damage to your sewer line, it will need to be replaced — enter a trenchless sewer repair.

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What are the Benefits of a Trenchless Sewer Repair?

Doesn’t Require Digging

When a homeowner learns that they must have their sewer line repaired, they tend to panic (understood!) — since there’s a chance they’ll have to have their yard torn up. However, with a trenchless sewer repair, that’s not the case.

This minimally invasive “procedure” is completed through the original pipe — meaning that you won’t have to rip up any trees, shrubs, or flowers that you worked so hard to maintain and grow. And since this is the case, this job is much quicker to complete; it should take no more than a day!

Much More Affordable

As mentioned before, there is no need to dig up trenches and bring in heavy excavation equipment to complete the job — making this a much more affordable way to treat the problem at hand. Additionally, this is also an eco-friendly approach since the ground will not be disturbed, plants will not be ripped out, and no chemicals are used to complete the task.

Los Angeles Sewer Repair Services

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