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The hand of a person about to flush a "flushable" wipe down the toilet

How Can I Prevent a Problem With My Sewer Line?

Like most homeowners, you may be trying to avoid a problem before it happens — in this case, one with your sewer line. While this part of the plumbing puzzle plays a vast, significant role in carrying away “used” water in your home, failure to be mindful of your plumbing practices could cause it to need repair or replacement.

Here are some things that all homeowners should be mindful of in order to keep their sewer line in great shape:

Ways to Prevent an Issue With Your Sewer Line

Only Flush the Necessities

When we say “necessities,” we mean only flushing toilet paper and human waste — nothing else. While your “throne” may seem like a quick, easy way to discard other articles of garbage, it’s not intended to take on feminine hygiene products, plastic, dental floss, and other items that may seem odd to flush down the toilet. And if you’re not sure whether or not you can dispose of something down the “throne”, keep this in mind: When in doubt, throw it out.

Schedule a Professional Drain Cleaning

When was the last time you had the drains in your home professionally cleaned? If you cannot recall, now would be a perfect time to schedule an appointment. Using safe, plumbing-friendly methods, a professional plumber will arrive at your home, inspect the drain (to check for blockages), and will recommend the best way they can clean the drain so that you can prevent a clog from forming.

Plant Away from Your Line

If you’re thinking about planting a tree, bush, or another shrub, do you check to see what lies below the surface beforehand — or do you plant where you desire? If you opt to do the latter, you could be doing more harm than good in the years to come — how so? Simple: When a piece of the greenery grows — presumably a tree — over time, the roots can grow in different directions and ultimately harm your sewer line.

Before planting, it’s best to call 811 — the national call-before-you-dig phone number — to see what’s under the soil on your property. That way, you can see where is the best place to plant and dig versus which is an area that should remain off-limits.

Los Angeles Sewer Repair Services

If you think your sewer needs to be repaired, give your friends at Red Lilly Plumbing a call at (323) 319-4102 to request an estimate for a sewer repair in Los Angeles.