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Sewer Line Problems Causes

Your sewer line is one of the essential parts of your plumbing, and when issues occur, it’s never ideal. However, several things could be the cause of your sewer line woes. Some might be a daily habit that you don’t even realize you're doing. So to avoid a costly sewer line repair, here are some of the most common issues everyone should know:


Not only do frequent clogs leave you keeping a plunger nearby, but they are also putting unnecessary pressure on your plumbing system. When clogs keep occurring, they can eventually build up and lead to a burst or broken sewer pipe. To avoid this from occurring, stop flushing everything and anything down the toilet. Toilet paper is the only product that should go down. Even flushable wipes can stick around and leave you with a clog. So when in doubt, throw it out. When it comes to your sink drains, invest in a sink catcher and avoid getting fats, grease, and oil down the drain.

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Corroded Pipes

Older pipes can leave you with major issues down the road. If you notice your water flow is low or there’s a strange gurgling coming from your plumbing, it might be time to update your sewer pipes.

Tree Roots

Where you plant your trees matter. It's not uncommon for trees and bushes that are planted near your sewer pipes to seek out the pipeline as a source of water. Those roots will grow towards the water through the hole, ultimately taking over your pipes. This will lead to lower water flow and significant problems down the road. A professional plumber can use a camera inspection to see the issue at hand.

Sewer Line Repair in Los Angeles

Whether there’s a bad odor in your yard or your drains are suddenly slow, It’s time to consider sewer inspection with the experts at Red Lilly Plumbing. Contact our expert team at.(323) 319-4102 today!

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