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When it comes to home plumbing problems, one that many don’t think about until there are significant problems, is their pipes. In fact, in many older homes, outdated pipes that might no longer meet building codes. If your home was built before 1990, it’s always a good idea to get an inspection of your plumbing. When you do, these are the types of plumbing materials that you’ll want to consider replacing:


The durable and malleable lead was once a top choice of plumbing material. Though recent research has shown the danger it has on its health, it wasn’t entirely banned until the mid-80s, making it possible for some older homes to contain some lead plumbing still throughout.

Galvanized Steel

No longer a popular choice, due to the difficulty of installation, galvanized steel was often used for water lines in homes built before the 1960s. Made of iron and coated with a layer of zinc, they are expensive and difficult to install. However, the zinc does begin to corrode, and they are likely to become clogged with rust as well. Repiping damaged parts might be the best solution.

Cast Iron Pipes

Although these pipes are durable and easy to install, cast iron pipes do not come problem-free. Over time, they are known to corrode and rust. This will form inside the pipeline and lead to what is often called “tubercules.”

Piping and Repiping in Los Angeles

If you suspect your home’s pipe material is outdated, or can’t remember the last time you’ve gotten a full inspection, trust the dedicated staff at Red Lilly Plumbing. Call (323) 319-4102 for your free estimate.
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