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Hydro-jetting will allow for the clearing and cleaning of drains using a less expensive and more efficient method than regular pipe-cleaning techniques like snaking. The process uses pressurized water to force clogs and other blockages out of the pipes. Enlisting a professional hydro-jetting service will ensure your pipes are cleaned effectively.

Hydro-jetting may be used to prepare pies for a relining procedure to repair old or damaged lines that are no longer working properly. It is also used as a safer alternative to snaking a wire through delicate or aging pipes.

What to Know About Hydro-Jetting

Benefits of Hydro-Jetting Services

Using Hydro-jetting ensures that blockages are removed and pipes are left clean and functioning properly. It is a quick and inexpensive drain cleaning method that will clean pipes completely rather than just pushing out the bulk of a clog like traditional line snaking tends to do.

It is a more advanced method of cleaning and maintaining plumbing and drain lines in residential and commercial properties. Professional plumbing contractors use the method to clean clogged or slow sewage lines. They send a blast of water at high pressure into the lines to remove blockages and build up. The systems usually use 4000 psi which is very effective.

Before using this method, a video inspection is normally done to determine the cause and location of the problem. If tree roots are in the way the high pressure should cut through them. However, if there are heavy roots, a snake may be used first to tear them up. Hydro-jetting is not used to solve issues with broken pipes and it could cause the weakened area to break. Doing a video inspection first will reduce the possibility of sewage back flushing into other areas.


In residential pipes, hydro-jetting will remove sand, silt, and scale build-up. It can also remove hair clogs and other residues from the walls of the pipes. Restaurants should receive routine hydro-jetting to remove grease and food particle build-up. Using hydro-jetting cleans out residue much more efficiently than the old snaking method. Using a snake will break up clogs but it will leave build-up behind. When hydro-jetting is used it is environmentally friendly as there are no harsh chemicals used; the build-up is removed simply with water pressure.

A professional should do the hydro-jetting so that the lines are properly inspected first. Plumbers know what to look for to prevent any damage and make sure that the system is cleaned thoroughly.

It is used in commercial properties a lot but is also beneficial in a residential home. Even if your plumbing is snaked regularly, hydro-jetting will clean out debris and build up from the lines. The service can improve older lines that have collected years of build-up. Chemical cleaners and augers are not as efficient at cleaning out build up and they will not completely flush the system.

Hydro-Jetting Services in Los Angeles, California

Hydro-jetting services are available from the top plumber in the Los Angeles area, Red Lilly Plumbing. We have been in business for over ninety years and have a reputation for providing quality service for all of your plumbing needs. Call (323) 319-4102 or contact us online today to schedule a service.

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