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Should I DIY a Plumbing Problem in My Home?

Some common plumbing problems may be a quick fix but there are others where you will want to call in a professional. It can be tempting to try and fix the problem on your own so you can save a few dollars but some problems are made worse and you end up paying more when it is fixed. Following is a list of common plumbing problems that you should avoid trying the DIY method.

Common Plumbing Problems You Should Never DIY

1. Low Water Pressure

Having low water pressure is never any fun. It becomes a pain any time you step in the shower and you will feel like trying to fix it on your own to solve the problem quickly. Low water pressure may be caused by a number of issues and you may not know what it is into you start the process of fixing it.
If the issue is caused by a crack in a pipe, a leak, or some other serious issue, you will need a professional. Low water pressure may indicate that there is a more serious plumbing problem and it will be important to have the problem detected and fixed properly.

2. Hot Water Not Working

Hot water should work fine if you turn up the temperature on your water heater. If it does not, you have a more serious issue and should contact a professional. There is the possibility of sediment build-up or a leaking gas line – neither of which you should tackle on your own.

3. Installation Jobs

Again, it is tempting to cut costs by trying to install your new fixtures but remember, installation can be complicated and if something goes wrong you could end up with bigger problems on your hands. Everything needs to be connected properly to avoid any leaks that could potentially damage your home.

4. Frozen Pipes

In the winter, pipes may freeze causing an issue with water supply in your home. Fixing something like this yourself can be tricky as you may end up bursting or cracking a pipe. Rather than taking that chance, it is a good idea to call in a professional.

5. Remodeling

Consulting with a plumber before doing any home remodeling is always a good idea. A plumbing company will be able to take accurate dimensions so that there will not be any issues with the installation of new appliances.

6. Regular Maintenance

In order to avoid a costly repair bill, stick to a regular maintenance schedule so that plumbing issues do not creep up unexpectedly. Having a regular plumbing inspection means that you can catch small issues before they become large, costly ones.

When in Doubt, Call Red Lilly Out!

If, upon inspection, you notice any common plumbing problems, contact the professionals at Red Lilly plumbing for a more thorough assessment and advice on the best solution to the problem.

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