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A man, holding a plunger, looking down at his clogged toilet in shock

Just like a monster in a horror film, a clogged toilet pops up when you least expect it. And although it may seem as if you can’t “slay the monster” and restore normalcy in your lavatory, it’s relatively simple to banish the daunting presence of a clog once and for all.

If a “throne” in your home sustains an obstruction, here are a few tips to help eliminate it.

Steps on How to Unclog a Toilet

1. Pick the Correct Plunger

A toilet plunger is commonly pictured as having a flat, pink base throughout film and television. Unfortunately, this specific plunger is meant for sink and drain clogs — not toilets. To help unclog your toilet, you’ll need a plunger that is shaped like a bell (also known as an extension flange plunger). Once you have this specific plunger in your possession, it’s time to unclog your toilet!

2. Push the Air Out

Before plunging your toilet, you want to make sure that you push the air out of your plunger. To do this, gently insert the plunger into the toilet and make sure that it is lined up with the trap (the opening at the bottom of the toilet).

Once aligned, slowly push forward to help remove any air that’s inside the plunger’s opening. Doing so will help create a powerful suction between the two surfaces and lessen the chances of water splattering outside of the bowl.

3. Plunge, Plunge, Plunge

After you have removed the air from the plunger and created a tight suction with the toilet’s trap, it’s time to start plunging. When plunging, provide careful, powerful plunges (up and down) to help clear the blockage.

After performing this action for a few minutes, you may see any remaining water in the bowl leave through the trap. When that happens, attempt to flush the toilet. If the toilet functions correctly and H2O is restored in the bowl, congratulations — you successfully unclogged your toilet!

However, if you’ve been plunging for quite some time and water isn’t exiting the bowl, don’t flush or continue to plunge — call your trusted plumber right away.

Clogged Toilet Services in Los Angeles, CA

If your toilet needs to be unclogged, give your friends at Red Lilly Plumbing a call at (323) 319-4102 to schedule your appointment with Los Angeles’ go-to plumbing company!