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Water running in a a stainless steel kitchen sink with a drain guard in place

One of the most underrated gadgets that a homeowner can invest in is a drain guard! Typically inexpensive and found at many home improvement stores, this little covering is placed directly in your drain to help prevent any turmoil from happening — but what does that entail?

If you’re not sure why you should purchase a drain guard for your home, here are some of the many benefits to consider when doing so.

Why Do I Need a Drain Guard in My House?

Keeps Your Drain Clear

Whether you’re washing off a cutting board or giving some fruit a rinse in the sink, leftover particles are bound to find their way into your drain. And if you do not have a garbage disposal installed, that can make matters even worse. To help keep your drain clear, a drain guard can help!

When you know you’ll be working in or near the sink, just put the drain guard right inside of the drain’s opening. With this little detail in place, you’ll have peace of mind knowing that only H2O will flow into the drain — not any food by-products.

Prevents Accidents from Happening

One of the most horrific moments for any homeowner is when their wedding ring plummets down the drain by accident. While many can be retrieved from the drain pipe’s p-trap — if you shut the water off immediately and call for help — there are often times where panic takes over, and the faucet is left on.

If you’re washing your hands and take your ring off, before turning the water on or reaching for soap, make sure that your drain guard is secured in place. Doing so will help ensure that if your valuables were to plummet into the sink, they will be caught by the drain guard and can be reunited with you immediately.

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