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One of the most alarming things a homeowner can notice in their humble abode is that their plumbing pipes have seen better days. Sure, it seems as if piping can last forever — but that couldn’t be further from the truth. If you suspect that your home’s “veins” need to be replaced, but aren’t too sure, here are some signs to look for:

Signs Your Home May Need Repiping

They’re Old

If the plumbing pipes in your home have celebrated a milestone birthday, then it may be time to consider replacing them. Typically, if they are over 50 years of age, their overall well-being may gradually deteriorate as the years go on.

They Leak

Another sign that you should have your home completely repiped is if you continuously run into leakage issues with your current pipes. Regardless of if you have them repaired each time you run into a leak, there’s a chance that the pipe can eventually rupture, causing flooding and irreversible damage to your home.

They’re Made of Lead

As you may know, there are a plethora of commercials and advertisements that warn about the dangers of lead paint in a home — but what about lead pipes? Since these pipes carry water throughout your home, there’s a chance that the material they’re made out of can make its way into your water supply — which, over time, can lead to some startling health issues.

They Make Your Water Smell Bad

On the topic of contaminated water, there’s a chance that corroding pipes (whether they’re made of lead or not) can interfere with your home’s water quality — giving your H2O a somewhat abnormal, metallic smell (or taste). When this happens, it’s possible that the disintegrated pipe's fragments could be mixed with your water, which is never a good thing.

Is Your Home In Need of Repiping? We Can Help!

From a total repiping to plumbing repairs, our experts at Red Lilly Plumbing are here to help with any of your plumbing needs. Contact us today at (323) 319-4102 to book an appointment!
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