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In any home, good plumbing is essential for many different things. Water that travels through pipes needs to be in the proper conditions for health reasons, cleanliness and other important necessities. It all comes down to the pipes, what they are made of and how easily they allow water to travel through. When determining what type of piping one should use in their home, copper is the key to several different aspects of great plumbing.

Safety first!

When it comes to the safety of home residents, including families with small children, copper is the perfect choice for pipes. With copper, inhalation of toxic chemicals and other substances will not occur, because of its natural chemical compound. When it comes to fire, certain plastics and other compounds can give off harmful chemicals. Also, if one is worried about he environment, copper is completely harmless to air, plants and animals.

Long lasting

Unlike any other form, copper can last for a long period of time, allowing for fewer repairs and replacements of a piping system. On average, many copper systems can last around 100 years or so, making life a lot easier for many homeowners and maintenance workers.


As opposed to other types of plumbing, copper is one of the best systems from an economic standpoint. Spending lots of money on piping that is not nearly as safe or reliable can be avoided with installation of copper pipes. Even with its lower price value, copper piping is easily repaired if need be and will not fall apart as easily as plastic and other types of plumbing. Usually, piping that costs less seems like it would be more prone to damage from external factors such as temperature. However, copper piping is able to withstand extreme temperatures without falling apart.

If you are interested in copper repiping services, call Red Lilly Pluming today for your free estimate.

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