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Did you know that the City of Los Angeles operates and maintains the largest waste water collection in the United States? This includes more than 6,600 miles of public sewers serving a residential population of about four million people in a 550 square mile service area. There are also around 11,000 miles of private lateral sewers throughout the city. That’s a lot of opportunity for Mother Nature to over grow into our sewer lines. It can be costly and potential hazardous.

Here are a couple of photos to show you what is happening behind the scenes. The top is of a line that burst caused by a root invasion. The photo on the bottom was taken this week of a customer’s pipe line that needed to be replaced. See how incredibly clogged that is? All of your water wouldn’t be able to run to its proper location and result in a massive leak.

Water vapors that escape from your pipes attract these roots and cause them to venture through cracks and loose joints. Once they are inside, they will expand and become matted with grease, paper and any solid matter already present.

Common signs to look for include slow flowing drains, gurgling sounds from your toilet bowl and puddles of water around the washing machine.

LA is a hot spot for these types of problems. Get your sewer inspected by us to prevent a burst pipe.

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