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Water conservation is extremely important in Los Angeles and throughout the state right now. Not only are there fines and penalties for wasting water; the drought is a very real problem for everyone in the region. Fortunately, there are a few simple things you can do to reduce your water usage and, as a bonus, protect your plumbing system. Many things that cause water waste are also damaging to your pipes and fixtures, so these quick fixes are truly a win-win.

Cut Home Water Usage

If you have a lawn, chances are you use a good deal of water to keep it nice. However, it is often easy to overwater without thinking about it, particularly if your sprinkler is just hooked up to a hose. The quick fix: attach a spring-loaded timer to your outside faucet, which will shut off the sprinkler automatically if you forget to.

Water pressure may not be something you ever think about, but it is worth looking into. Anything above 60 PSI is wasteful and damaging to your pipes. To find out what the pressure is on your block, you will need to call the utility company. If the pressure is above 60, a pressure-reducing valve can be installed by your trusted Los Angeles plumbers.

Replace Fixtures

This is an easy one, whether you call us or feel comfortable doing it yourself. Replacing old or leaky fixtures can save water and your pipes. The toilet can consume more than 40 percent of your household water if it leaks. Replacing the fill valve and toilet flapper can fix this. Replacing an old shower head with an eco-friendly model can help save almost 8 gallons a minute. And, of course, a leaky faucet is nobody’s friend. If you can’t find the source of the leak, we can help.

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