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baby trying to enter a cabinet

Having kids in the home can be a thrilling experience, but it can also add a layer of worry. Keeping your family safe should be a top priority, including ensuring your plumbing is secure. Little hands are curious and can get into trouble while exploring their environment. Follow this guide to make sure that your plumbing remains kid-proof!

Check for Loose Fixtures

One of the most important steps you can take to kid-proof your home’s plumbing is to check for any loose fixtures. Toilet seats, faucets, or knobs that are not securely attached could present a choking hazard if they come loose. If you have young children in the house, it’s especially important to check these fixtures regularly and ensure they are properly tightened.

Install Safety Covers

In addition to checking for loose fixtures, you should consider installing safety covers over certain plumbing system components. This includes sink stoppers, bathtub drain covers, and shower drain covers which will help ensure that nothing gets stuck down the drain or flushed away unintentionally.

Secure Cabinets and Drawers

The last thing you want is for curious toddlers to get their hands on dangerous cleaning chemicals or other hazardous materials stored under the sink or in cabinets around the house. To prevent this from happening, ensure all cabinets and drawers are secured with child locks or other means of protection so they cannot be opened easily by young children without adult supervision.

Additionally, make sure to add lid locks to all of your toilets. Even small amounts of water, like a toilet, can prove to be a drowning hazard.

Keeping your family safe should always be a priority when it comes to maintaining your home’s plumbing system. By following these tips on how to kid-proof your plumbing system, you can rest assured knowing that every corner of your home is secure from any potential hazards posed by curious little ones! With proper maintenance and precautionary steps taken ahead of time, you can ensure that both adults and children remain safe within your home’s walls for years to come! For assistance, contact our team at Red Lilly Plumbing!

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