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When it comes to keeping our homes in tip-top shape, there are many tasks that require us to do more than just scrubbing and mopping. For instance, pouring grease or cooking oil down your kitchen sink can cause huge problems for your plumbing system—here’s what you need to know about disposing of these liquids correctly so you don’t end up with larger issues later on down the road.

The Dangers of Grease & Oil

Grease and oil may seem harmless, but they can be surprisingly damaging when poured down drains. As these substances cool off and congeal, they start forming clogs along the way which can eventually lead to total blockages within pipes! That’s why it’s important to avoid washing these liquids down sinks at all costs; even a small amount of oil or grease left behind can slowly build up over time, making matters much worse.

Safely Dispose Instead

So what should homeowners do instead? Start by collecting excess cooking oils and fats in either a container made specifically for this purpose or another kind of disposable item like an old plastic jug. Once full, pour the grease into an appropriate bag (like a sealable garbage bag) before placing it inside your regular trash bin—this way you keep your drain systems clean!

Keeping Plumbing Costs at Bay

Avoiding pouring grease or oil down drains ensures that homeowners save themselves from having unnecessary plumbing bills in the long run. Not only will properly disposing of these substances save families’ money but also the stress of potentially needing an emergency plumber to clean their home's drains!

Overall, while cooking oils and fats may seem innocent enough at first glance, their hidden dangers are real —so rather than chance any potential risks related to improper disposal here, learn how to handle them carefully and thoughtfully today so you can avoid a plumbing disaster!

Drain Cleaning Services in Los Angeles

If you’re looking for a reliable drain cleaning company in the Los Angeles area, we at Red Lilly Plumbing can help. Our experienced technicians offer a variety of services, from basic drain cleaning to more complex plumbing repairs. We use the latest technology and techniques to ensure that our work is completed quickly and efficiently. Contact us today at (323) 319-4102 for more information or to schedule an appointment!

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