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Ah, summer. Warm weather is here to stay for the next few months. Is your home ready to have some fun in the sun?

Check for Leaks

The first step is to check all of your outdoor plumbing for leaks or other damage. If you find any leaks, make sure to repair them before the summer season starts.

Clean Gutters

Next, you'll want to clean out all of your gutters and downspouts. This will help ensure that rainwater can flow freely away from your home, and it will also help prevent flooding.

Check Hoses and Connections

Once your gutters are clean, you should also check your outdoor faucets and hose connections. Make sure that there are no leaks and that all of the connections are tight. If you need to replace any worn-out parts, now is the time to do so.

Inspect the Septic System

If you have a septic system, you'll want to inspect it to make sure that it is functioning properly. If you are due for a septic inspection or if you have any concerns about your system's performance, you should speak to a professional as soon as possible. They can help identify any potential issues and recommend the best course of action for addressing them.

Inspect Sprinkler Systems

Finally, you should inspect your outdoor lighting and sprinkler systems. Make sure that they are all in good working condition and that there are no broken or missing light bulbs. If necessary, you may also want to consider upgrading your existing systems with newer, more efficient models.

With these steps completed, you can rest assured that your outdoor plumbing is ready for summer! If you need any assistance getting your outdoor plumbing up and running, contact your local plumbing experts from Red Lilly Plumbing at (323) 319-4102 today!

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