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Plumbing Urban Legends

Most people have heard of at least one urban legend. An urban legend is a story that is passed down from person to person, often with no clear origin. These stories are typically about something strange or unusual happening to someone. Often, these stories are about topics people are afraid of or find interesting.

One type of urban legend that is particularly popular is the plumbing urban legend. These stories typically involve someone doing something wrong with their plumbing, which leads to disastrous consequences. These stories are often used to warn people about the dangers of messing with their plumbing.

There are a variety of different plumbing urban legends, but some of the most popular ones include:

Snake in a Toilet

There's a myth about snakes swimming through your pipes and making their way up to your toilet bowl. This has actually been proven true in some instances, though it is not common.

Demon in the Drain

This legend typically involves someone looking into a drain and seeing a demon or monster looking back at them. What might have happened is that someone lifted the toilet lid and found a rat swimming into the bowl, which does happen! Rats are excellent swimmers and spend a good amount of time swimming through sewers. They periodically find themselves in a toilet bowl at the end of a long swim.

Struck by Lightning in the Shower

Many people believe that showering during a thunderstorm is dangerous. They think that since water is a conductor of electricity, it could lead you to be struck by lightning in the middle of your shower.

It is possible that this could happen, especially if your plumbing is made of a conductive material, but it is so rare that you really don't need to worry about it.

Whether or not you believe in urban legends, they can be fun to read and listen to. If you're looking for a good plumbing urban legend, plenty of resources are available online. Happy reading!

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