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A plumber examining a storage tank water heater in a home

Why Isn’t My Water Heater Working?

There comes the point in every homeowner’s life when their water heater will stop working unexpectedly. For instance, you might turn on the shower and wait a few minutes for the water to heat up — but if you’ve been waiting for nearly 20 minutes and the H2O is still ice cold, you know you have a problem on your hands.

While there’s no telling when your water heater will give way, there are a few common reasons why your H2O heater may take a “nap” when you least expect it.

The Pilot Light is Out

One of the most common reasons why a water heater stops working in the first place is because the pilot light is out. Unfortunately, this can happen because of various factors — such as:

  • The heat exchanger is cracked.

  • Your unit is over 20 years old.

  • There’s an issue with ventilation and airflow.

  • The thermocouple is either bent or filthy.

Regardless of what might be the root cause, it’s imperative that the minute you notice this is an issue, you contact a professional plumber right away — since taking care of this task on your own can be dangerous.

Sediment Build-Up at the Bottom

If you have a storage tank water heater, you should have the tank flushed at least once a year by a professional. This is important because your water leaves behind mineral deposits that build up at the bottom of the tank.

If the build-up is ignored for quite some time, it can lead to complications — such as interfering with the pilot light. When this happens, the minerals will create a barrier — making it much more difficult for the heating element to break through and provide hot water for your home.

Los Angeles Water Heater Services

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