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How Can I Save Water Around My Home?

One of the best things any homeowner can do is look for ways to save water around their home. From washing the dishes to brushing your teeth, there are many different ways this can be done — and with the utmost ease, too.

If you’re looking for some tips on how to save H2O around your house, here are a few to take into consideration.

Have Plumbing Repairs Made Right Away

One of the most significant ways that many homeowners waste water around their home is to put off lingering plumbing repairs. No, we’re not talking about a burst pipe (although we’d hope you’d call us right away to save the day), but rather those little problems here and there — such as a dripping faucet.

A leaky faucet can waste up to 5 gallons of water a day — and when you do the math about how much that adds up to per month, it can be quite alarming. So, the minute you sense something out of the ordinary, give your trusted plumber a call.

Shorten Your Shower Concerts

Okay, we know that it may be tempting to sing along to your favorite album in the shower — but you should consider singing only two songs instead of the entire tracklist. As it turns out, long showers waste a surprising amount of H2O — about 10 gallons per minute.

To help combat this, consider using a timer and take shorter showers. Anything between 3-5 minutes is ideal. Of course, it’s okay to take a long shower now and then — but don’t make it a habit!

Use the Dishwasher on Full Loads Only

You’d be surprised at how many people use the dishwasher when it’s only half full. When this happens, you’re looking at a startling amount of wasted water.

To be more a tad more conscious about your H2O usage, consider only using the dishwasher when it’s full. If you only have a few things to wash, think about handwashing them instead!

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