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After using the toilet, you don’t think much about the restroom again until you need to use it again. However, during the hours in-between flushes, dozens of gallons of water could have been wasted if your toilet was running. So why does this happen, and what can be done to prevent it?

3 Common Reasons for Water Running in Toilets

1. Damaged or Stuck Flapper

The Problem: A flapper is a rubber or plastic piece that holds in the water of the tank and acts like a barrier between the tank and blow. The flapper lifts when a toilet is flushed allowing water to go from the tank into the bowl. If this piece becomes damaged, it could allow for a continuous flow of water from the tank into the bowl without ever reaching a full point in the tank. If the flapper is in good condition, it may have issues becoming stuck.

The Solution: Replace the flapper. This can be done on your own if you feel comfortable replacing the part.

2. Damaged Tank or Bowl

The Problem: If you’re noticing pooling water around the toilet, it could be because the tank or bowl is damaged. There could be a crack in the tank or bowl that may be hard to see so feel around the tank or bowl to see if you can feel where the water is coming from.

The Solution: It’s best to replace the entire toilet. If you have a two-piece toilet then you would only need to replace the tank or bowl. If getting a new toilet isn’t in the budget, you could use putty or a sealant to temporarily fix the problem, but that won’t be the best option long-term.

3. Damaged Float

The Problem: The float is a device that sits on top of the water and stops the water supply when it reaches a certain point in the tank. If the float isn’t working properly, it may not rise with the water causing the tank to either overflow or continuously run.

The Solution: In most toilets, a float can be easily installed without a lot of tools by taking the old float off and putting a new float on.

When to Call Red Lilly Plumbing

While these are three common reasons why toilets run, they are not the only reasons why there are issues with running water and toilets. You can try and fix the problem on your own, or you could call Red Lilly Plumbing. For nearly a century, our leading team of plumbers has helped those in the Los Angeles area with all their plumbing needs and we can help you too. Reach out to us today by calling (323) 319-4102 and see if we can fit you in for same-day service!

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