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How Can I Tell if My Sewer Line Needs to be Repaired?

Running into a clogged drain is a common problem many homeowners run into daily. However, if you have them repaired, but the problem still persists, the issue may lie deeper within your plumbing system — such as in your sewer line. If you think your sewer line might need to be repaired, here are some commons sights, and scents, to be on the lookout for:

A Foul Odor is Present

If you happen to smell a foul odor coming out from the drains in your home, that can indicate a crack within the sewer line. As it turns out, a healthy sewer line is sealed as tight as can be — meaning that no gas will drift out and linger into your home; but the minute it breaks, that odor won’t be contained.

The Toilet Will Make Gurgling Noises

Another indication that your sewer line will require repair is if you hear gurgling noises coming from your toilet. Typically when this happens, this indicates that there is a clog somewhere along the way that is trapping in air. As a result, you’ll hear those loud, startling noises coming from your “throne” more often than you’d like to.

Water Drains Slowly

Whether it’s your sink or your toilet, if you happen to notice that water is draining very slowly, this can indicate that there’s a clog in your home. However, if there is an attempt to unclog the obstruction, but the problem still lingers, there may be a blockage deep within the sewer line — which could be caused by “flushable” wipes, tree roots, and more.

Los Angeles Sewer Repair Services

If you think your sewer needs to be repaired, give your friends at Red Lilly Plumbing a call at (323) 319-4102 to request an estimate for a sewer repair in Los Angeles.