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Clean drains are hard to come by, especially with an old piping system. We have all experienced stubborn clogs that go away for a while and then return a month later after basic home curing. Perhaps the drain is only partially clogged and a little hot water and retail drain cleaners will take care of the issue, but what happens if the clog returns a few weeks later? Drains in the home or office are critical functions that need proper maintenance. To help relieve the backed up mess in kitchen sinks, showers, toilets and sewage lines, affordable drain cleaning is capable of restoring drains to full function.

Drain cleaning services in Los Angeles clear out clogged drains, prevent future clogging and restore the lifespan of drains on location. Handheld augers and plumber snakes can be used to tackle simple clogs within thin drains. For more extensive clogs, rooters and sewer jetters flush out any chemicals or debris that obstruct water flow.

Signs that indicate you need drain cleaning

Homeowners and property owners tend to take their drains for granted and they should, but when a drain gets backed up and clogged there is a problem that needs immediate attention. To avoid more serious problems of leaks and pipe bursts, the owner needs to take action and seek pipe cleaning services for the following:

  • Frequently clogged drains

  • Water pressure in sink or tub decreased

  • Sink and shower drains take too long to drain water

  • Toilets do not fill to the proper amount

  • Constant overflow of toilets

  • Multiple clogged drains

  • Foul odor coming from drains

  • Black substances appearing from drains

Take notice of these signs of slow drains. If they appear to be developing quite often and nothing seems to be resolving the issue, contact a plumber for assistance. If left unattended these clogs will not disappear all on their own, professional drain cleaning is the solution.

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What happens if I don’t get drain cleaning for clogged drains?

Besides the foul odor that develops, clogged drains will slow down the rate of draining after water use. A huge mess, costly repairs, and sewage odor can get stuck in small crevices in the floors and walls.

What causes my drains to get clogged?

Clogged drains are difficult to avoid, especially if property owners cannot tend to slow draining right away. Clogged drains may mean that there is an imbalance in the plumbing system. Clogged up drains can last for a long time and occur for a number of reasons. Clogs in sewer drains stem from:

  • Hair

  • Food substances

  • Grease and oil

  • Paper waste

  • Tree roots

  • Dirt and debris

  • Soap scum

According to the American Water Works Association, drains that are not well maintained can give rise to sewer and sulfur odors. Clogged drains lead to unclean sinks and backed up water, which can grow bacteria on the faucet and the surrounding areas of the drain. Discolored slime residue can form along drain areas and need to be cleaned and flushed regularly with hot water.

Benefits of Regular Drain Cleaning services

Regular drain maintenance saves the homeowner time and money. Drain cleaning will save you from property damages and drain repair. Not only that, but plumbing contractors are capable of inspecting for damaged pipes and erosion. Long-term benefits of drain cleaning for your plumbing system include:

  • Improved system efficiency

  • Increase plumbing lifespan

  • Deter against bacteria growth

Drain cleaning allows drains to dispose of wastewater quickly, which will keep from bacteria away from drains and from seeping into faucets. Blockages and clogs increase wear and tear, but with regular cleaning, the drains will not experience backflow or buildup of substances.

For all your drain cleaning needs, Red Lilly Plumbing is the team you can count on. With quick responding service and satisfaction, drains in your home and business will no longer be plugged, unpleasant aromas can be avoided and water will flow through drains swiftly. Whether it is a simple clogged up sink or multiple drain blockage throughout the building, Red Lilly Plumbing provides all of the drain cleaning services to get your plumbing system on the right track.

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