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Plumbing is one of those things where a little bit of knowledge can save you many headaches and a lot of money. To be clear, there are certain times when you will need a plumber, especially if you’re facing any real emergency and need an immediate remedy. This is why it’s always good to have the number of a trusted plumber on hand. In the meantime, there are plenty of trivial handyman jobs that you can tackle on your own. So, roll up your sleeves (or don’t, this will only take a second) and learn how to clean your sink’s aerator.

Have you ever turned on your bathroom or kitchen sink and the water pressure coming out seems greatly reduced, or even patchy in its flow? If you haven’t, you will someday. Typically, you’ve probably gotten down and checked to make sure the water was on properly, maybe even poking around underneath your sink a bit only to come up perplexed. Most likely, your issue is your sink’s aerator, which is the tiny little thing that protrudes slightly downward from your faucet. No problem, this is easy stuff.

  • Unscrew the aerator on your faucet by hand, but be careful—these things can fall off and once they’re in the drain, you’re stuck. If you can’t manage to loosen it by hand, try using a wrench, but put something around the aerator, such as tape, to help pad the metal on metal action.
  • Disassemble the aerator. Don’t worry; if you’ve gotten it off of your sink, then you’ve probably already realized how easily these things come apart. Usually, this means simply turning it over in your hand and a little circular filter will fall right out.
  • Using a brush and some vinegar you can now clean out any gunk or sediment that’s accumulated in your aerator. This can be a more fulfilling job than you might imagine.
  • Put the aerator back together and then screw it back on to your sink. You’re all done. Easy, right?

Your home, even your plumbing, is full of easy little tricks like the one above where knowing just a little bit can save you a lot. Just to be clear—there is no replacement for a good plumber. Always be prepared for what may seem like a minor issue to actually be a major one.

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